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A lab jacket themed bandana that has 2 black buttons and glasses in the top right corner

Now You and Your Pet Can Both Geek Out


Nerd Alert!

Welcome to the homepage of

SciPaws University

Providing nerdy, yet stylish bandanas to dogs, cats, goats to name a few, around the world, while fostering enthusiasm for the intricate and diverse world of science. Taking a step further, we emphasize the importance of contributing to the efforts regarding the conservation of nature through education and donations

Blue heeler looking down at the camera wearing a bandana with constellations on it
Research Updates:
Ongoing Experiments
Pet bandana that's all white with bright pink dragon fruits on it. As well as dragon fruit seeds

New prints coming soon

Look out for brand new prints coming soon!

Everything from various foods (dragon fruit and blueberries), super sciency (neurons and Tardigrades) and jungle themes (frogs and lemurs)! There's a few really random, but still fun prints too!

Mental health awareness vinyl add-on. Has ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD & Bipolar on a brain!

New vinyl addition

Bringing mental health awareness to the store with this new custom designed vinyl decal - can only find at SciPaws

Remember, your mental health comes first. Everything else can/needs to wait. 

3 cat kicker toys in the print of BLM themed, pathology themed and earth day themed

Scrunchie Packs

Scrunchies are back in style!

Grab an assortment of random scrunchies in packs of 1, 3 or 5! If you order bandanas with them we'll try to match one of the scrunchies. This is not a guarantee as scrunchie fabric is limited

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